BluQ: Water Activity

This is a colorimetric based sensor based on a hybrid organic-inorganic polymer cobalt complex. The sensor strip detects the water activity based on the color of the strip upon equilibration with the sample for 15 min at a given temperature range. The accompanying mobile app computes the water activity from the image of the strip at the 15 min equilibration time. The measurement specifications are as follows:

Approximately 5 grams or volume as specified in the instruction
Working temperature:
25.0 to 35.0 degC (the estimated water activity was calibrated within this range, but temperature should be reported with the measured Aw).
Measurement time:
15 min ( ±1 min)
Aw range (under uniform lighting condition):
0 to 0.5 accuracy: ±0.1
0.60 to 1.0 accuracy: ±0.06

WaterQ App is designed for the BluQ Kit as a main tool in generating results for Water Activity tests.


  • Simple Interface
  • History of Transactions
  • Compatible to any dried products
  • Accompanying web-based dashboard at
  • Notification* of result after sending captured sample

*Note: App needs constant internet connection through mobile data or WiFi to generate the test result. In case of no internet connection, the captured images will be placed on queue for sending once data connection is obtained.