BluQ: Plant + Water

The Plant Extract Profile measures the “quality” of the plant extract in comparison with a set standard profile. Presently, the mobile app returns an estimated “within specifications” or “off-specifications” qualitative response upon analysis of the image using data set currently available as provided for by industry partners (for sambong) or published data of the US Pharmacopeia standard TLC (for lagundi). The basis of comparison is the image profile which includes color, intensity, spatial-temporal data on the developed PEP strip.

Approximately 0.1 grams as specified in the instruction
Sambong and lagundi leaves only
Working temperature:
25.0 to 35.0 degC
Measurement time:
45 min including sample preparation and strip development. Strip should be image-captured within 2-3 min of color development
Sambong: sensitivity = 89.4%, specificity = 91.7%
positive predictive value = 93%,
negative predictive value = 84%
Lagundi: sensitivity = 80.0%, specificity = 86.7%

The PlantQ App is designed for the BluQ Kit as a main tool in generating results for Water Activity and Plant Extract Profile tests. The app currently tests for lagundi and sambong plant.


  • Simple Interface
  • History of Transactions
  • Two-in-one app for Water Activity Test and Plant Extract Profile
  • Accompanying web-based dashboard at
  • Notification* of result after sending captured sample

* Note: App needs constant internet connection through mobile data or WiFi to generate the test result. In case of no internet connection, the captured images will be placed on queue for sending once data connection is obtained.