The RH-Water Activity Kit (a prototype branded as bluQ-E) was designed to be an affordable alternative way to estimate the water activity of VCO samples. This was a re-designed electronic (capacitive) sensor for measuring % relative humidity (RH). This is retrofitted with an accompanying sample chamber and a calibration correction to closely reflect the “true” water activity of VCO so that a good estimate of uncertainty or margin of error is also provided with the result. This was also designed to be used by general or non-technical personnel in food manufacturing plants, so that the quality of the product can be monitored in-house and at a lower cost compared with using commercial water activity meter (a typical one normally costs hundreds of thousands of pesos). Commercial water activity meters still require constant calibration using known salt solutions and this is also done with the bluQ-E kit using the supplied standard calibration salt samples. Additionally, a reference VCO sample with certified water activity value may be provided to ensure correct reading with oil as sample matrix. The bluQ-E kit is still not an officially recognized water activity meter and is at its prototype stage, but it is nonetheless calibrated to provide reliable measurements that will be useful for in-house quality control protocols. The figure below compares the results of the RH-Water Activity Kit (bluQ-E) result with the values measured using a certified and calibrated water activity meter.

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